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Name:Mimmi Kopanski
Birthdate:Oct 20

New Improved Backstory or Whatever

Mimmi was born on October 20, 1925 and was raised in Berlin, Germany. She was the oldest of four. Her family was also Jewish.

If you know history, you may know where this is going.

Up until 1933, Mimmi lived a relatively happy and comfortable life. Her family was neither rich nor poor, and they had just enough to get by. She was an energetic and ever-curious child, often getting herself into all kinds of ridiculous trouble. (She once dropped her mother's expensive vase out the window to test gravity). But when Hitler was made Chancellor of Germany the Jewish minority became the central target of scrutiny, resulting in a decades worth of hardship for her and her family. Being the oldest child, she grew up quickly.

Poor health was a common thing in her family, especially on her mother's side. As time went on Mimmi's mother, Maria, became progressively ill. When her mother was too sick to care for the family Mimmi took charge while her father was out trying to find a steady income. And this was only the beginning of the hard times ahead. Her family had long been stripped of their citizenship. They were isolated in special houses in designated parts of the city and food rations were very small. Her family was granted very few liberties.

But despite all this, life went on, and they survived. Mimmi thrived on the comfort that her family was together and viewed the broken and fearful community she lived in as extended family. She worked hard to keep her family together and made sure her younger siblings were fed and clothed.

This frail attempt at normality was eventually shattered during the summer of 1942 when the Nazi's began deporting Jews in the Berlin area to Theresienstadt when Mimmi was sixteen. With some fortunate planning ahead and quick action, Mimmi and her family escaped Berlin before they could be arrested, ending up in the care of old non-Jewish friends. Fearful for everyone's safety, Mimmi and her family were quickly hidden away from the world. And they spent nearly two years there!
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